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The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America’s Lifetime Achievement Award acknowledges the Cleveland Bay Horses and their owners, who actively strive to educate the public, improve the horses, improve the public image, and highlight the versatility of this rare breed. Points may be earned by an individual horse, or by a farm owner/breeder. General Rules will apply to both categories and any differences are noted.

Read all about the updated LAA rules.pdf and fill out your updated LAA enrollment.pdf.

Download the LAA Logsheet.

Congratulations to the CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award recipients

Fourth CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award

Gabrielle Gordon; GG Cleveland Bays (Farm category)

Third CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award
Michelle Bergeron and Imaten (Emma)

Second CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award

Laurel Watson and Belladonna Leo (Divine Tarfullo)

First CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award

Cindy Bank and IdleHour McHenry


Michelle Bergeron and Imaten

Gabrielle Gordon, GG Cleveland Bays

Cindy Bank and McHenry (Hen)