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Cleveland Bay Stallion imported in the late 1800s to North America

The Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North America was founded in 1885 and by 1907 had registered 2000 stallions and mares. Imported as superb coach horses, interest in the breed waned as the world became more mechanized but was briefly revived in the 1930's when Alexander Mackay-Smith imported founding stock for hunters. There are currently approximately 135 purebred Cleveland Bays in the United States and Canada, with many Cleveland sport horses competing in all disciplines of horsemanship. The purebred and part bred registry is administered and maintained by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society. Cleveland Bay horses (pure bred and sport horse) sired by a pure bred Cleveland Bay stallion that has been awarded a Stallion License to breed pure and part bred Cleveland Bays can be registered with the Cleveland Bay Horse Society and included in the society's stud book. Inspection and approval of stallions by the Cleveland Bay Horse Society of North  America is done as needed.

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