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CBHSNA Performance Program & Program Rules for 2019 (CBHSNA_PA_rules_2019_final.pdf)

The performance award program recognizes members and their Cleveland Bays that have competed in one or more noted disciplines, highlighting the breeds ability. The goal is to encourage showing the breed in open as well as breed specific classes.  Awards are presented in Distance Riding, Eventing, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Western, In-Hand (Halter), Driving, Breed restricted, and Versatility.

CBHSNA Sponsorship of the US Dressage Federation All Breeds Awards Program

The USDF All Breed program recognizes those horse/rider combinations that have met the USDF requirements to achieve a year end median score. A median scores shows that the Cleveland Bay is able to be competitive with all other breeds and show the discipline and dedication it takes to achieve such a goal.

CBHSNA Pony Club Recognition Program

The CBHSNA recognizes Canadian and United States Pony Club members riding a Cleveland Bay or a Cleveland Bay part bred/sport horse in Pony Club activities. A horse with even some Cleveland Bay blood can be counted on to portray the intelligence and kind disposition for which the breed is noted and has long been recognized as having the heart, stamina and movement to make a winning sport horse. The breed is easily trainable. Its wonderful disposition makes it the perfect mount for children.

CBHSNA Lifetime Achievement Award Program

The Lifetime Achievement Award Program is open to all CBHSNA members and their registered horses. Enrollments are available for an entire farm or individual horses. Points are accrued annually from different aspects of breed promotion, versatility and awareness such as: parades, clinics, expos, shows, media, trail rides, etc.   This is an award that is expected to take several seasons to complete and is certainly worthy of the title: Lifetime Achievement!

CBHSNA Field Hunter Program

The Cleveland Bay’s agility, sensibility and steady temperament make it an excellent mount for the traditional sport of fox hunting. The Field Hunter certification program recognizes registered pure and part bred Cleveland Bays that exhibit acceptable behavior and characteristics suitable as field hunters, staff horses, or Master horses.

Sire and Dam of the Year Award (est. 2016)

The Society would like to recognize and reward the performance accomplishments and abilities of Cleveland Bay pure and part-bred sires and dams.  This award will not only take into account the performance abilities of the stallion and mare but will dually provide these horses additional recognition achievements of their progeny.   PA programs not only recognize the talents and efforts of Cleveland Bays out there performing but can also serve as an aide to both breeders and buyers to discover which CB lines are active, successful and excel in different disciplines. Follow the link above to see more details and program rules. 

United States Pony Club Championship Awards

The CBHSNA is sponsoring the high score rider of a pure or part-bred Cleveland Bay at the USPC Championships for all disciplines. CBHSNA membership is not required. Application must be postmarked no later than July 1st. For more information, or assistance of having your Cleveland Bay registered visit write contact Gabrielle Gordon, 76 Corral Drive North, Keller, Texas 76244 or 817-431-8775  Pony Club Application  


OldDominion Gwynith - Part-bred Mare

OldDominion Bedwyr - Part-bred Gelding

Idlehour Chilworth- Part-bred Gelding

Legacy Duchess - Part-bred Mare

Twinoaks Spinnaker - Pure bred Mare

Fryup Marvel - Purebred Stallion

2016 CBHSNA Sire of the Year

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Policy on Performance Award Tier designations for Breed Classes (This policy is effective December 1, 2017.)


Performance Award points are based on a graduated scale for all disciplines.   Performance Awards rules may be accessed using the link listed above.


Tier 1:     US Dressage Federation Dressage Sport Horse Breed individual breed classes (IBC).  Visit for rules.

Tier 2:     Breed classes that conform to CBHSNA guidelines which means all of the following are met:  

                1. Horse is registered in accordance with CBHSNA policy.

                2. The CBHSNA established breed standard is followed  and

                3. Judges use the CBHSNA judging sheets for in hand or conformation classes

Tier 3: All other Cleveland Bay breed classes not listed above.

Olivia Richmond and Cypress